My mission is to make men's groups as available and accessible as 12-step programmes such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

"If men have a space to speak things out, rather that acting out, bottling up, pushing down or passing on their pain to others then there'll be little need for addiction programmes, less suicides and better mental health all 'round.

The waiting lists for mental health are horrendous, where with peer-to-peer support at our fingertips we can surely nip things in the bud, as we learn from the experiences of and gain support from other men."


MenSpeak is the non-for-profit community Kenny founded on his return from travelling the world for five years, with a personal need to meet the men in his life at greater depth.

In 20+ years, he has facilitated hundreds of men's group events and brought together thousands of men from all over the world.

If you are not already part of this thriving conscious, courageous, caring community - the door is open for you to step in take part as you choose. All are welcome here.

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Are you a coach, counselor or therapist who wants to learn how to enable deep transformations in men?


Check out the Accredited MenFacilitate Training: A 4 month, 7 session, LIVE online course where your learn with me and my certified facilitators about how to facilitate men’s groups and work with men in a way that empowers them, that's non-hierarchical and which creates deep transformation.

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Everything you need to hold successful online men’s groups straight away.


A step-by-step guide to facilitating personal development groups for men.

Article by Tony Parsons

"I felt a lot better after going to MenSpeak - just like going to the gym. Call it press-ups for the mind and circuit training for the soul.



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