Is your business conscious and delivering results?



"Know who you are and be clear about your future, beyond past restriction. Then, live it!"

Kenny takes a holistic approach to business, believing that good business is built on good relationships. He will align with your organisation’s bigger picture and build a bridge from here and now, maintaining a strong financial and organisational backbone.



Let's look at the purpose of your organisation. Where you’ve come from, where you’re heading, how you've navigated Brexit, lockdown and the needs of your teams in our changing environment. We can check that you’re on course and explore current limitations, opportunities and options to safely move forwards as you honour the needs of your stakeholders.

We can ensure that your shareholders, suppliers, staff, directors and markets are all in alignment with your values, vision, mission and results you are poised to meet.


How well do you know and serve your communities?

  • Do your markets need defining?
  • Could you serve your communities better?
  • Are you selling the right products to your niche?
  • Do your clients want to buy more from you?
  • Is it time to turn them on?

Market research, key contact feedback and good social skills will allow you to listen, engage and consciously grow, responding to changing needs in a changing world full of opportunity just waiting to be noticed, harnessed and transformed into bottom line results.


Your brand is what people say about you when you’re out of the room. Not just who you are, but what you’ve done and why you do what you do. Their tone is an indication of their trust in you.

How would you like to be known? You get to choose, align and bring this alive across and beyond the media and into the relationships that matter to you most.


Kenny works with individuals, departments, board members and teams ripe for fruition. He shares tools and techniques for better self-awareness, clear communication and sustainable success.

The strengths of key individuals are brought out and built upon as limitations are lived beyond with simple tools for sustainable success. Roles and responsibilities clarified, owned and actioned. Contractors and staff are briefed and integrated to build tight teams, hungry to deliver juicy results.

Personal issues may play out in the workplace providing opportunity for us to meet this ‘shadow behaviour’ with awareness and responsibility, the ability to respond consciously and work collaboratively so it can ultimately fuel the people and projects in hand.


Kenny helps uncover what’s brewing in the room. What needs to be named and brought to the table. From facilitating new ideas, to bringing resolution to old issues. From mind maps on a whiteboard to grounded action, to the best business buzz that he loves to share!

  • Pre-boardroom preparation.
  • Meeting attendance and facilitation.
  • Debriefing, reconsolidating, responding.
  • Active listening, with attention and intention.
  • Prioritised management of resources, teams and timelines.


Your business will grow in stability and strength as Kenny mentors and empowers you. You will achieve the results that matter to you the most. With four decades experience in business, Kenny has had the pleasure of working alongside businesses – and individuals – at the top of their game, helping them reach even greater heights. 

Kenny believes that businesses have lives of their own and it’s his business to get to know your business so you can set it free to meet its potential. The most efficient way he knows to do this is to work closely with you and show you how to stay in authentic alignment, allowing your business – as an extension of you – to follow suit and flourish.

Don't you just love it when everyone wins!?


The positive results were immediate. My phone hardly stopped ringing. Quotes I had made months before were coming back as commissions. It was a turning point and a lot of opportunities have presented themselves since.”

 Steven S - The Guardian

CASE STUDY (2001)  


I had put my main business, a consultancy, on ice while I got involved in a start-up telecoms company. I was thrown into the deep end to deal with forces that were outside my confidence zone – I was lied to, cheated, stolen from, manipulated and challenged to the core of my value system. I survived to tell the tale and it was just after I returned to the shell of my consultancy that I met Kenny. I had a few meagre clients left, one loyal member of staff, no money in the bank and low self-esteem. Not a good place from which to start.

Kenny suggested that I undertake a review. He came to see us and in the course of a conversation picked up enough to enable him to recommend changes.

As a businessman I would ask, “So what happened next?” In the months that Kenny arrived our turnover was £7,000. The following month our turnover was £34,000 – a x5 increase. Within two weeks of the review we won a client with a value of £100,000 and more business with a current client worth £40,000. I have decided to change some of the consultants that I am working with, change the name of the company and have more fun being more energized in my work. Within a few days of Kenny’s review my most loyal staff member resigned and I have now found a replacement, who is better qualified and less expensive."

TC, 51 - Entrepreneur


Kenny has really given our business a shot in the arm. Boundless energy, insightfulness and decisive action have made a massive difference to our marketing. Long may it continue.”
SH, 41 - Entrepreneur / Investor