Chat with Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz, The Man Whisperer, on today's topical personal development and men's mental health issues. He's commented on sports and royal relationships, celebrity shenanigans, issues on sexuality, spirituality and he brings insightful and pertinent questions to the table.

See for yourself how comfortable, professional and reassuring Kenny is in front of the mic or camera speaking about men’s groups, being an authentic man, the changing definition of masculinity, the lack of supportive male friends and how to tool yourself up and turn things around.



He’s a gentle voice in the ears of the many men who come to him for help with life – he’s the man whisperer."


Kenny is the man’s man who gets to the heart of a guy’s issues. He talks frankly and open-heartedly to rebuild broken spirits and to give men the space they need not to hide their fears with a smokescreen “Wallace-type smile in front of the rage” but to go through the darkness. His humorous, easy spirit provides an empathetic place for men of all ages to open up to this “shadow” self that (otherwise) leads to despair."


[Kenny's groups are] press-ups for the mind and circuit training for the soul. Any man’s life would be improved.."



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Kenny blows the whistle on what makes men tick, in simple language. He meets men in bloke-town, honestly communicating as we please, exploring shadows and stories – without making a meal of it.

Kenny makes things personal, real, and sometimes raw. He turns statistics and surveys into first hand experiences and real life stories, always protecting identities, creating space for life stories to transform.


About Kenny

Kenny Marmarella D'Cruz, a dedicated mental health activist, is the driving force behind MenSpeak, a transformative community empowering men to embrace authenticity. Through MenSpeak, Kenny provides a safe haven for men to meet authentically, openly share life's struggles, and celebrate victories. His passion extends beyond fostering a supportive environment; he actively educates mental health professionals on effective facilitation techniques through an accredited group facilitation course. Kenny's commitment lies in empowering others to facilitate similar transformative groups, aiming to destigmatize mental health discussions and promote emotional well-being. With a profound dedication to advancing mental health discourse, Kenny Marmarella D'Cruz stands as a beacon in encouraging open dialogue and nurturing supportive spaces for personal growth and authenticity.