My affiliate non-profit, MenSpeak CIC, hosts talk groups for men, women, and transpeople. 

You can find out more about MenSpeak here.

Our facilitators are in charge of holding the groups and many are capable practitioners in their own chosen fields. You'll find a list non-comprehensive list of all our facilitators below.

Our facilitators come from a wide variety of profiles and have their own specialties. If you'd like to book, reach out to, or otherwise contact any of our facilitators, reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll put you in touch!


Facilitator | Coach | Project Manager


Born and raised in a temple, Jaz spent much of his early life caring for both his parents for 30 years. Working across private, public and charity sectors have seen Jaz in marketing, communications, project management, IT and events. He has volunteered extensively in music, arts, sports, health and community building… Jaz has a cross-cultural, rich and diverse history. A husband and father, Jaz brings his resilience, insight and empathy to working with and hold space for people from all backgrounds. 


A member of the MenSpeak community since 2008, Jaz has been a qualified and regular facilitator of daily MenCheck-Ins and specialist groups since 2020. 

Namora Lubis

Personal Development Consultant | Therapist | Facilitator


Namora spent most of his youth surviving ethnic violence, anger issues, extreme anxiety, and familial enmeshment. He has a track record of working with feminist, refugee and ecological organisations.

Today, Namora is a personal development consultant and therapist specialising in CPTSD and purpose. They work with community, decolonisation, and transforming one's internal world.

A member of the MenSpeak community since 2020, Namora has been a regular facilitator of YoungMenSpeak, and also holds his own groups in Paris and online.

Richard Stiles

Psychotherapist | Coach


Richard specialises in supporting men with their mental health. It’s essential for our wellbeing to express the whole spectrum of human emotions. He can help you make sense, get unstuck and move forward. 
Get in touch for a free 20 minute chat to find out more.

Jan Mikulin

Consultant | Coach | Facilitator 

With a rich, mixed heritage, Jan has a broad spectrum of ‘cultural stories’ that help
him navigate the world. He’s an accidentally amusing curator of experiences.
Through his qualifications in NLP, psychosynthesis, coaching, and facilitation, Jan
also has a wide technical foundation to draw upon.
Having had several careers, in music, sales, marketing, consultancy, and now
entrepreneurship, this array of stories enable Jan to connect with people of varied
backgrounds with relative ease.
Jan has been a MenSpeak facilitator since 2018, holding regular check-ins and
closed groups.
As a fellow of the ACCPH, Jan is also responsible for developing accreditation
standards for men’s work and other areas.

Adam Woods

Coach | Facilitator | Film-maker 

Through his travels being raised abroad and through filming around the world, Adam has developed a sensitivity for cultural difference and a natural ability to bring people of all walks of life together to create engagement and inclusivity.  Working in global media organisations in senior creative and marketing roles has given him an insight into how we bring different selves to work, and he volunteers extensively in music, arts and faith-based community projects.  

A member of the MenSpeak community since 2008, Adam has been a qualified and regular facilitator of daily MenCheck-Ins and specialist groups since 2019.