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Book your 25 minute Personal Discovery Session with Kenny for £25


Kenny works with men (and women) who are ready to get a grip on their lives with both hands, feet firmly on the ground and turn their lives around by following their hearts and living their truth.

Men can gain great results in open and closed men’s groups, though there comes a time to dig deeper and go for gold. If it’s your time, then you can meet Kenny in person or online.

Private Sessions are often a couple of hours long, pretty intense, astonishingly insightful and incredibly effective. Your past will fall into place, your present will turn into an empowered gift and your future will open up, attracting the people, opportunities and coincidences that will bring your life alive.
The work is grounded and practical. You’ll be empowered with the tools, techniques, tips and an irresistible twinkle in your eye to help you live wild and free.
You’ll gain wisdom, learn to chill out, listen to life's whispers, get real and connect with the parts of you that will lead you consciously into bigger and better things.
These 25 minutes are a space for us to check-in, for you to ask questions, to see if we’re a fit, explore your needs and options in life as it stands and the possibilities of what life might bring to who you really are and why you are here.
Personal Discovery Sessions are held online, via Zoom, though live sessions are available in Kenny's room in Soho / Mayfair, or elsewhere by appointment.
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Kenny is fully insured and DBS checked