Kenny has lent his charm, insight, and expertise to many books over the years. Covering topics from men's mental health, and pleasure to self-transformation, Kenny has contributed chapters, interviews, and editing to the umbrella of personal development and transformation.

Equal Power by Jo Swinson

Atlantic Books (2018)


Times to Talk by Alex Holmes

Welbeck Balance (2021)

Power and Pleasure by Shana Jamesm M.A.

Self Published (2021)

insideMAN by Dan Bell & Glen Poole

Troubador Publishing Ltd (2015)

Not Being by Daniel H. Pink

LID Publishing (2021)

Billy No-Mates by Max Dickins

Canongate Books (2022)

The Descent of Man by Finlay Young

Newsweek Insights (2015)

Online Men's Groups Success by Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz

Self Published (2020)

Online Men’s Groups Success will give you everything you need to hold successful online men's groups straight away.

You’ll learn the basics with ground rules and clear boundaries, and you’ll pick up the advanced tools of holding a space with impeccable communication and listening skills. You'll know how to meet men where they are, turn issues into insights through rounds of questions, so men can learn from each other's life experiences.

Many men live in fear and fantasy, second guessing and surviving life, rather than meeting life with embodied presence, passion, purpose and personal power. Here’s to transforming lost boys into authentic men, adjusting our sails to harness the winds of change.