Working with men to create deep connections and transformations

A 4 month, 7 session, LIVE Online Course with Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, founder of MenSpeak and author of the #1 Bestselling ebook "Online Men's Groups Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Facilitating Personal Development Groups for Men"


Learn with me and my certified facilitators about how to facilitate men’s groups and work with men in a way that empowers them, that's non-hierarchical and which creates deep transformation.

Course launch dates are TBD but will run for every two weeks, for 7 sessions, or 4 months.

This course is open to ALL genders.

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Here's what you can expect to get out of the
Accredited MenFacilitate Training:

Take your professional skills to the next level

Leverage my 30+ years of experience in working with men and learn to hold clear boundaries while inspiring confidence in your clients. Grow from feeling uncertain of how to work with men, to having the awareness, experience and feedback from me and my certified facilitators to lead the way from a place of confidence and clarity.

Connect authentically with the men you work with

Learn to work from a space where the right questions naturally flow, where you don't need to have all the answers, and which enables you and your clients to connect authentically with one another.

Grow with a community of like-minded professionals

If you'd benefit from a community of seasoned professionals, this is the place where your business can grow. Together we build networks where shared values, mutual respect, and humanity are the gold standard.

See how we've shaped the lives of our graduates,

as well as countless others!

"I'd learnt that I was supposed to put on a brave face in order to lead. But the MenSpeak facilitators didn't do that. They were open and vulnerable, and shared what was going on for them. Even if it was difficult emotionally. And they were present with it and owned it. This showed me a whole new level of authenticity I hadn't experienced in terms of facilitation. And showed me that the group really does practice what it preaches."

David Bird

"Juicy, authentic, rich with the meaningful kind of learning that really adds immense value to this work. Even though I’ve got 4 years of experience running men’s groups, Kenny brings so much to the table I left with that wonderful state of beginner’s mind. The day was a powerful reframe of what our responsibility is as a facilitator, and only someone who’s done the hard work themselves, and forged their own unique method can offer a day’s training like this."

Jim Gibson
Life Coach

"I learnt the theory, the practice and the integrity of how to hold men's groups and I'm finding it incredibly helpful in my work with men. I felt so welcomed in this space by Kenny and the other participants. I enjoyed it greatly and feel honoured to have completed it."

Sian Johnson
Somatic Sex Therapist


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The Accredited MenFacilitate Training goes live once (or twice) a year. 

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