5 Ways Men Can Get A Better Night's Sleep


Despite its importance to their everyday lives, not many men are getting the right amount of sleep at night. Not only does sleep increase their energy levels and productivity, but it makes men look fresher and improves their mood.

A personal development consultant, Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz aims to get to the heart of any man’s issues, whether it be with wealth embarrassment or the inevitable mid-life crisis. Kenny employs unique tools to empower men, allowing them to transform their lives. With that in mind, Kenny is offering up 5 ways men can get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Deep daytime abdominal breathing – will stimulate your vagus nerve, reducing stress, anxiety, anger and inflammation by activating the relaxation response of your parasympathetic nervous system and improving the variability of your heart rate. So, the more grounded and chilled out you are during the day, the less of a fight you’ll have to get to sleep in the night time.
  2. Sleep in darkness – this may sound pretty obvious, but with the number of devices that some of us charge at night, our bedrooms can resemble a sci-fi movie set rather than a place of peace. Sleeping in complete darkness will ensure that the quality of your sleep is higher than otherwise. Invest in blackout blinds and make sure that any patches of light in your room are covered up.
  3. Monitor electronics – electronic screens emit blue light, which is similar to daylight; and daylight is what wakes your brain up each morning. The best option is to try not to use electronics at least a couple of hours before bedtime but that can seem pretty impossible in today’s world. If you’re a serial late-night binge-watcher, it may be best to invest in some orange filtered glasses to counteract the blue light.
  4. Keep the bedroom for sleep – the bedroom should be a shrine for relaxation and rejuvenation and designed as such with a ‘yin’ feel of soft lighting and furnishings used for sleeping and not hanging around in. If you want to scroll through your phone or read a book, do it in the living room to make it clear to your brain that bed equals sleep. Try a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to tell your brain and body it’s time to relax.
  5. Bath time! – remember how bath time would be part of your winding-down childhood ritual? Whether you prefer hot or cold, the water temperature changes your core body temperature, thus making it easier to fall asleep.

If all else fails, then this is a tried and tested technique that far too many men use to get quickly unconscious. It’s not recommended, though as a last resort I know that there are many men who use, and often get addicted to it.

Weed and a wa*k – many men are addicted to this ‘illegal’ and some might say ‘immoral’ technique, which as a way of life can have serious consequences (think failing eye-sight, distorted sexual responses and hairy palms). Marijuana will pull the plug on you and masturbation will drain what’s left of your life-force, so you’ll probably fall asleep in a hazy daze, and you’ll probably wake up with a double-hangover.