Johnny Be Bad

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You are currently watching me lose my blogging virginity ..and I must admit, yet again, it’s  a BIG relief!

I remember walking home that morning through my adopted home town, past nosey neighbours with light breezes blowing wafts of sex from my pubescent skin into the atmosphere for all around me to know of the dirty deeds that I’d just done. It’s more than butter that melted that night and I remember – through the absolute terror of being busted as an under-aged unmarried prospective premature father who’d just deflowered a local lass – that I wore two ‘johnnys’*.

So what risk with this blogging bo**ox? Yet again, I could get busted! In trouble for being totally honest about the good in me, the bad in me and the ugly thoughts and feelings that are best left in the shadow as decent people might get upset. (There’s gold in that shadow!)

As the only coloured refugee family that landed in that remote small-town in 70s rural Wales, if we weren’t accepted as ‘normal’ who knows what might happen to us and where we’d go. So best keep a lid on it and smile our angelic harmlessness.

The lid’s been lifted and me and my big bad shadow are flying free, as I work with men in one-to-one sessions and in men’s groups gaining more authentic relationships with such issues as: men’s health, men and relationships, men and anger, men and addiction, men and depression, men and personal power, men and purpose, men and ageing, men and shame, men and shadow, love, life, truth and taboo..


*70s slang for condom (rubber johnnys)