Are you sick of sounding like a broken record?

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Are you sick of sounding like a broken record?

Here's a guided meditation to get you in touch with whatever is holding you back in life.

Get settled in your body, here and now, present and connected and safely feel into your feelings.

As you breathe into your body, deep and conscious, out of your mind and into your heart, breathing into any blockages in your breath, breathing into any tightness in your body, any restrictions that need a gentle breath, any resistance that needs holding safe.

Right here and right now you are safe.

Now feel back into the past couple of weeks. Have you been stuck, depressed, triggered? Ignore the stories, the judgments, and breathe into the essence of your feelings and reach back, beyond the past few weeks and into what wants attention to be liberated from your life.

Follow you feelings back and see where they take you, knowing that you’re safe and you can welcome along anyone you wish to let in to walk by your side. You’re safe now and you can observe the times and places, incidents or phases of life that want your attention so you can set yourself free and be more available to life.

Who or what has shown up from your past? What’s in your heart? Breathe into these feelings, slowly and deeply, calmly and clearly, then follow these feelings back in time. Where are you? Who is there? What’s going on? How do you feel? What wants to be set free?

Breathe into this space for another minute, knowing that you’re safe…

How was that for you? You may find that your heart opened a little. You may find yourself more in touch with your inner child. Keep hold of that feeling, and practice living it into being by bringing it to friends, family, the everyday public